Industrial Resin Flooring & Polished Concrete

A selection of resin floors and polished concrete Ecoflor install are below.

Floor Levelling Screeds

Cement Based Pumped Levelling Screed

Ecoflor install cement based pump or hand applied flowable screed toppings ideal for levelling and renovating floors. The levelling screed can be used to provide a superior surface prior to installing resin floor finishes, or where specific surface levels are required in industrial environments.


Floor Paint

Water Based Epoxy Floor Paint

Ecoflor has a range of economic floor coatings and floor paint suitable for both industrial and commercial use. Medium duty floor coatings can be matt, silk or gloss with varying degrees of non-slip finish. Coupled with surface preparation, floors can be painted quickly and economically.


High Build Epoxy Floor Coatings

Solvent Free High Build Epoxy Coatings

Ecoflor has a range of high performance resin floor coatings and floor paints suitable for both industrial and commercial use. Heavier duty floor coatings have a gloss finish with varying degrees of non-slip finish. High build epoxy coatings provide longer term durability for value engineering.


Epoxy Resin Screeds

Smooth Epoxy Floor Topping Systems

Ecoflor install 2-3mm self smoothing epoxy resin floors. The epoxy floors can be manufactured to specific colour references and are available in gloss, silk or matt finish and are ideal for most commercial and industrial applications where greater durability over coatings is requred.


Polyurethane Flooring

Industrial Polyurethane Floors

Ecoflor installs high performance polyurethane resin floor systems laid at 3-4mm (smooth) and 6-9mm (anti-slip). PU floors are suitable for the most demanding environments with high scratch and wear resistance. Anti-static versions are also available.

Concrete Planing

Polished Concrete Flooring

Ecoflor can polish existing and newly installed concrete floor slabs to create a high gloss polished concrete floor. Using our diamond grinding fleet, no job is to small or too large. We polish concrete floors on an industrial scale or retail work out of hours.


Car Park Flooring

Car Park / Underground Coatings

Ecoflor has normal and fast-cure floor car park deck and floor coating systems to suit all budgets. Our elastomeric deck coat systems are manufactured to accomodate movement and the elements. Lining and markings can be included.


Seamless Terrazzo

Seamless Terrazzo Floors

Ecoflor has a range of cementitious terrazzo, epoxy & polyurethane resin terrazzo and recycled rubber crumb terrazzo for every commercial and industrial application from clean rooms and pharmaceutical to nightclubs and retail.

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