Industrial Resin Flooring by Ecoflorâ„¢

Ecoflor is the UK's premier installer of epoxy floor coatings and industrial resin flooring, and are the Uk's most advanced floor painting contractors.

We provide a full resin floor installation service, working with clients and end-users to ensure success for all of our industrial flooring projects.

Ecoflor transforms industrial floors with their resin floor systems in tandem with the World's most respected resin floor manufacturers..

Why Choose Ecoflorâ„¢?

Ecoflor has their own extensive in-house diamond grinding surface preparation fleet to ensure dust free floor preparation.

Coupled with installers with the highest floor product knowledge and experience, you are guaranteed a great floor installation everytime. Floors are consistently installed on time and on budget.

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What Resin Floor Systems Are Available?

Floor Painting Contractors

Resin Flooring & Polished Concrete Systems

Ecoflor has the widest range of resin floor systems and polished concrete and screeds suitable for every industrial floor environment.

Resin Floor Installer

Where Can Resin Flooring Be Used?

Resin Floor Uses

Commercial and Industrial Resin Floor Painting

Ecoflor installs resin floor coatings and polished concrete in commercial and industrial applications throughout the UK. We can install in live warehouse and factory environments with minimal disruption.

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